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04/14/10 10:03 AM #1    

Jay Eberle

what class were you in when mark martin road his dirt bike through school ?

someone had a keg party that started @ like 3:00 am on the last day before school started ,who ? . I don't know how my poor jeep made it back from all those field kegger partys.
anybody have a jeep ride story that they have lived to tell about?

04/14/10 11:28 AM #2    

Elise Hempel (Lallier)

I remember that party! Cops sat and watched us partying in the field and came to break it up in time to send us on our way to school! Nothing like beer for breakfast on your last day of school!

04/14/10 12:11 PM #3    

Elise Hempel (Lallier)

To everyone, please remember to check the missing classmates list! We need to find these people. The Cici's and Val are doing a fantastic job locating classmates, but we need everyone's help. So check the list, contact those you know where to find and get them on the site to update their information. We want everyone's information, whether or not they are planning on attending the reunion!

10/03/10 05:10 PM #4    

Reed Sibet

To the All Reunion Committee, I wanted to tell you all Thanks for all your hard work. You did great! The map where everyone lives, to the location at the Old Sheraton, the Golf Tournament, the casual style of the food and Pizza so we all could mingle everything was so thoughtfully planned out. From someone has has not attended past reunions over the years I had a great time both nights. It does seem like everyone looks older then me now......


Thanks agian, Reed Sibet

10/06/10 02:22 PM #5    

Cheryl Pace (Bauer)

I would also like to say Great job on the reunion. It's Wednesday and I am still trying to catch up on my sleep. We had a blast both nights and it was so nice to talk with different groups of people and get caught up with what everyone is up to. I lost my voice from "yapping" so much!! I was just getting the electric slide dance down when the song ended, so by the 35th I should have it nailed.  Thanks for a great weekend of fun and I look forward to seeing lots of pictures posted. Thanks to the committee and all the people who helped put it all together.  Cheryl Pace- Bauer

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